All members of this firm have sufficient preparation and experience to offer solid advice to companies and business groups in all corporate acts and corporate resolutions they wish to carry out, combining expert knowledge of the applicable regulations in the commercial field with an always open and receptive business vision.


Due to our knowledge of commercial litigation, our work is also preventive. We try to close the door to any possibility of future legal conflict to the companies we advise, making available various options for them to make the best decisions. Of course, we emphasize the most favorable option for the safe development of our clients’ business or industrial activity..

We are convinced that certainty and security in everyday societary operations are one of the factors that favor the productivity and stability of commercial and industrial activity. We are in charge of legally shielding these operations, so that our customers can take care of what they best know how to do: business.

  • Escudero Irra and Asociados has a specialized team in the advice on corporate law, with extensive knowledge of the modern company in all phases of its social life:

    • Business Organization.
    • Statutory Reforms
    • Council Secretariats
    • General Meetings
    • Corporate Restructuring.
    • Establishment of Duties and Responsibility of Administrators.
    • Agreements between partners.
    • Capital increases and Reductions
    • Debt Issuance
  • The lawyers pertaining to this area provide a wide range of services to offer integral advice in all related aspects to rule the business:

    • Board of Directors Regulations and Meetings.
    • Board of Directors Reports.
    • Good Governance Codes.
    • Attendance with Relationships to the National Stock Market, Commission, and other Regulatory Bodies.
    • General and Strategic Advice to the Board of Directors and its Members.
    • Remuneration to Administrators and Senior Managers.

Continually, our firm provides advice in corporate law matters to international and national businesses, financial institutions and other agents acting in the stock markets.

  • We have intervened in corporate operations and provided advice on corporate acts, contracts and decisions such as:

    • Contractual Administration
    • Joint Ventures
    • Capital Increments or Decreases
    • Legal Portfolio (Review and Improvement of Internal Legal Procedures)
    • Trusts Execution, Operation and Extinction
    • Debt Bond Placement
    • Shares Sale, Transfer and Assignment
    • Organization of Commercial Companies
    • Exclusion and Separation of Partners
    • Merger, Spin-off, and Transformation of Commercial Companies
    • Liquidation of the Company and Commercial Bid
    • Accountability of the Management Body
  • In the area of corporate and contractual advice, we have frequently collaborated with the following commercial, industrial and service sectors:

    • Real Estate Companies
    • Restaurants
    • The Banking and Financial sector
    • The Telecommunications Sector
    • The Energy Sector
    • The Maritime Sector
    • The Pharmaceutical and Hospital Sector
    • Airports
    • Transport Companies
    • Insurance and Bond Institutions
    • The Construction Industry
    • Auxiliary Credit Institutions