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ESCUDERO IRRA & ASOCIADOS is formed by members with recognition in civil and commercial litigation; counseling on corporate, business and criminal law; intellectual property, and international commercial arbitration. Our founding partner has over 20 years of experience, whose vision combines innovative ideas in search of a new way to provide one of the most sensitive services, i.e; comprehensive legal advice, provided with high business sensitivity and vision.


The motivation of our team is to become a leading factor for our clients to succeed in any matter in which we will accompany them, so that our intervention is not only relevant but vanguardist.


We have established strategic alliances with prestigious offices in various legal areas, located in other states and countries, thanks to which we have potentiated our capabilities and have the privilege of offering our clients a complete, high quality and wide-ranging service.


Throughout our professional practice we have built healthy relationships with justice institutions, both at the local and federal levels. We project a consistent and courageous image before them, with the certainty that our arguments provide us with strength, and we passionately pursue the cause of each of our clients.