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Members of this firm have enough legal qualifications and expertise to offer sound advice to companies and business groups in corporate governance and partnership resolutions to be carried out. We combine our expert knowledge of legal and regulatory framework and guiding legal principles in commercial matters, using a business vision that is always open and receptive.

Since we also know about mercantile lawsuits, our work is likewise of a preventive nature. Regarding each decision made by the governing bodies of the company we offer advice to, we try to prevent any chance of future legal conflicts by providing our clients with the various options available, certainly always stressing the most favorable option for the safe development of our clients’ business or industrial activities.

We are convinced that certainty and security in routine partnership operations are some of the factors favoring productivity and stability in commercial and industrial activities. Therefore, we take responsibility for legally protecting clients’ operations so that they focus on what they do best: doing businesses.

Among other things, we have intervened in corporate operations and we have provided legal advice regarding acts, contracts and partnership decisions, such as:

  • Commercial partnerships and alliances
  • Company winding-up and bankruptcy
  • Expulsion and withdrawal of shareholders
  • Increase and decrease of capital stock
  • Legal portfolio (review and improvement of internal legal procedures)
  • Mergers, company split-up, transformation and corporate restructuring
  • Partnership, agency or joint ventures
  • Placing debt bonds
  • Purchase, assignment or transmission of securities and shares
  • Reports of the governing bodies
  • Set-up, execution and termination of trusts
The commercial, industrial and service sectors where we have collaborated most frequently in the field of corporate and contractual advice are as follows:
  • Airport industry
  • Banking and financial sector
  • Construction industry
  • Credit-related institutions
  • Energy sector
  • Food service industry
  • Insurance and bond institutions
  • Maritime and port industry
  • Real estate companies
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Transport and logistics undertakings

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Tel. (55) 2624 1161

Homero 527, 1er piso, Polanco V Sección, C.P. 11560, Ciudad de México.